Magiray skincare series

 CLC - Complete LIft Complex - skincare for mature skin

For mature skind

 Restore - balanced skincare

For sensitive skin

 Pearl - Fresh, smooth skin

Freshing up



 His His - skincare for the whole family

For the whole family

 HisHers Fast Action - for oily skin

For oily skin

 Magiray Classic

Years of experience

 Luxurious Spa and hair products

Shower, spa, wellness

 Magiray Professional skincare

For the advanced user

Magiray has a wide range of skincare products including a series for professional purpose and products for personal use.

The products are based on the principles “S+T” – Science+Traditions, which means that it uses traditional recipes, when they are validated by modern science and applies scientific innovations, when they are rooted in the time-proven traditions of folk medicine.

A creative and energetic team of specialists working for the Magiray, ensures constant improvement and updating of formulations as well as continuous perfecting of technologies and packaging. Read more

Magiray professional productsMagiray professional treatments

As a cosmetologist or other professional in skincare you will love the great opportunities of Magiray.

The wide assortment of masks, creams. peelings etc. is based on a common concept - making it possible to mix the products in countless ways. You can develop new treatments customized to any kind of skin and skin problem.

Magiray Professional products can be delivered all over Europe. More information

Where to buy Magiray productsWhere to buy Magiray skincare?

An increasing number of retailers in Europe offer the wide assortment of Magiray skincare products.

In the EU you can now buy Magiray products in Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, Romania and UK - and soon you will be able to order products online if you live in Germany.

You can buy the products by local cosmetologist or order your favorite skincare online. See list of Magiray retailers