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With Magiray's growing popularity in many European countries, we're working to make sure you can read more about Magiray skincare products in your own language. That's why we're continuously developing websites in multiple languages.

Here you will find an overview of the language versions that are available so far.

MAGIRAY.EU - in English

MAGIRAY.EU/RU - in Russian - Русский

MAGIRAY.DK - in Danish - Dansk

MAGIRAY.PL - in Polish - Polski

MAGIRAY.FR - in French - Français

MAGIRAY.IT - in Italian - Italiano

MAGIRAY.NL - in Dutch - Nederlands

MAGIRAY.ES - in Spanish - Español

Magiray in Israel has a very informative homepage in Hebrew:

MAGIRAY.INFO - Hebrew - .עִברִי

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