CLC - Complete LIft Complex - skincare for mature skinCLC - Complete Lift Complex
The CLC products are designed for mature skin. They contain a unique peptide complex which actively helps skin boost its natural strength by visible reducing the depth of mimic wrinkles and increasing skin smoothness and elasticity. CLC moisturiz' ing and nourishing products are oppropriate for all skin types with low level water-retaining barrier.

Eye & Lips Gel

Active lifting cream specially designed for delicate skin around eyes reduces puffiness, minimizes dark circles and improves skin elasticity. Rich formulation contains biologically active peptides and amino acids that work together with natural oils and minerals for skin firming, nourishing and moisturizing. It is easy to apply and spread over the skin. Regular use ensures smooth healthy skin around eyes and imparts bright and lifted look.

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Phytocode Cell Serum

Anti-age serum
Unique Serum Concentrate for prevention of age-related skin changes. With GHK-Cu peptide, GHK-Cu peptide and NMF complex and 12 different herbal stem cell extracts from radish, parsley, brocolli i.a.

Can be used alone or as a supplement to a cream..

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Extra Rich Revitalizer

Anti-age cream with hyaluronic acid
Extra nourishing cream for dry and fading skin effectively fights visible sights of skin aging. Due to its unique composition it restores skin moisture, improves water barrier and increases skin elasticity.

With regular use, the cream effectively slows down skin fading, reduces mimic wrinkles and sights of tiredness, giving the skin youthful, fresh and vibrant appearance

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CLC Wrinkle Away Face Cream

Active anti-age cream 

A luxurious and effective combination with Platinium Matrix, 5 active peptides, black caviar, 8 amino acids, plant extracts and Omega 3, 6 and 9.

It lifts the skin, promotes youthful impressions and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

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Eye Contour Lifting Serum

Anti-age serum for eye surroundings 

Silky cream cream with long-lasting effect on the eye environment at age 25+. The serum is a result of biotechnology and the healing power of nature. Rich on active components, serum adds nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, it stimulates the skin's natural functions. The results can already be seen in a few days: wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is left silky and elastic.

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Skin Renovation Moisturizer

Anti-age cream with caviar 

Renewing moisturizer for mature skin. Soft and light cream for complete care of the skin on the neck and face, contains tetra peptides for collagen renewal, rich in bio-peptides, hyaluronic acid, Omega 3/6 fatty acids, highly nourishing black caviar extract and the most powerful antioxidant complex. With regular use improves skin elasticity, texture and appearance.

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CLC Eye Contour Lifting Cream

Eye cream 

Particularly suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. Reduces bags under the eyes, minimizes dark circles and improves skin elasticity. Contains bioactive peptides and amino acids that work with natural acai oil and minerals. Firming, nourishing and moisturizing.

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