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Magiray is a cosmetic brand “Magiray” for individual and professional use since 1995.

The company attributes its success and growth to the principle "S+T" - Science+Traditions, which means that it uses traditional recipes, when they are validated by modern science and applies scientific innovations, when they are rooted in the time-proven traditions of folk medicine.

A creative and energetic team of specialists working for the Magiray Company, ensures constant improvement and updating of formulations as well as continuous perfecting of technologies and packaging.

The cosmetic products manufactured by Magiray Company contain wealth of innovative and traditional active ingredients (over 300 names of active ingredients), including modern biotechnology products such as biologically active peptides as well as natural, eco-friendly botanical oils and extracts, marine ingredients, Dead Sea products, vitamins, minerals and fruit acids.

A majority of natural extracts are manufactured by own laboratory from organic raw materials by unique “cold” extraction methods such as high pressure extraction or vacuum technology with natural non-toxic solvents. This allows preserving of almost 100% of active components.

The company strives to avoid when possible or reduce the use of such ingredients as synthetic preservatives, fragrance and emulsifiers. In all cases we select the mildest and safest ingredients such as amino acid and protein-based surfactants, natural polysaccharides, essential oils etc.

Magiray Professional is a cosmetic line intended for professional use by a beauty specialist or in conjunction with esthetic procedures. It features thorough and rational approach to the formulation and product combinations that leaves plenty of room for the esthetician’s creativity. High compatibility and synergism of the products of the professional line foster individual approach to the esthetic problems and allow achievement of maximal and long-term effect of the cosmetic procedure.

Magiray for home use is designed to maintain the effects achieved in a beauty salon. The products' formulations reflect the world’s top innovations in creating sophisticated, effective, natural and skin-friendly cosmetics.

Мagiray cosmetic products:

  • Meet GMP requirements
  • Have the whole set of licenses of the Pharmaceutics Department of Ministry of Health of Israel and importer’s countries.
  • Is certified by the Institute of Quality Control and Standardization ISO-9001-2000
  • Meet the standards of the E.U, and U.S.A. for such kind of products.

EU: Kaninus is responsible for marketing of Magiray cosmetic products according to EU regulations:

Kaninus ApS
Agerbæksvej 7b
8240 Risskov
(+45) 22 33 14 94 (English / Danish)
(+45) 50 982 682 (Русский / Danish)

Head Office / production:

Magiray Cosmetics
6 HaSolelim Str.
Tel Aviv 6789706
Phone (+972)-(0)3-5626613

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