HH HisHers

HH HisHers

HisHers - Essential skincare & hygiene
A unique innovatory line of products for the whole family. The basic ingredients are oil. extract of seabuckthorn and green tea. AII preparations of this line belong to the products of prime necessity; they are absolutely indispensable fo, the skin hygiene, simple and handy in use.

Clarity Plus

Face wash foam 
With seabuckthorn. Foams away impurities. Leaves your skin bright and perfectly clean. Preserves bactericidal properties of the skin. Contains soothing and moisturizing components. Soap-free formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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Copaifera Plus

Dandruff shampoo with conditioner 

Mild shampoo that can be used by everyone but is particularly suitable for counteracting dandruff and irritated scalp. The shampoo has a high content of fruit and berry extracts, which gives it a delicious consistency that almost resembles fruit yoghurt. Contains the patented Beracare complex, which prevents irritation and itching. The built-in conditioner strengthens the hair from root to tip and increases its elasticity.

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Regenerating cream for face, neck and eye environment for all skin types. Acai berries have unique protective and regenerating properties due to the unusually rich antioxidant content. The cream moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. Easy to absorb and suitable for both women and men.

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Protection Plus

Sunscreen SPF30

Gentle emulsion with sun factor 30 for sun protection. Easy to apply to the skin, leaving no white residue. Protects against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. Does not irritate the skin, and prevents dehydration. Can be used for body and face.

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Tender Plus

Moisture mask / After-sun / Barber gel 

Moisturizing, calming and cooling. Suitable for after sunbathing or for extra gentle shaving instead of shaving foam. Can also be used with other masks and creams. Contains 99% natural ingredients and plant extracts: Aloe vera, honeysuckle, geranium..

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Elexir Shampoo


Exceptionally soft new-generation shampoo for all hair types. Elixir Shampoo contains 40% natural extracts of herbs that have restorative properties. Effectively cleans hair and scalp, strengthens hair roots and cares for scalp, increases hair elasticity, provides healthy shine and volume. Has natural and discreet aroma of green tea, which is suitable for both men and women. By regular use of Elixir Shampoo you will avoid broken hair.

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Hair conditioner  

Nourishing and restorative balm for all hair types and scalp. Contains a high concentration of plant extracts. Improves the condition of the scalp and makes the hair soft, silky and healthy.

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Calming moisturizer 

Light-textured cream suitable for all skin types, but especially for sensitiveirritated and dehydrated skin. Moisturizes and calms the skin, restores its natural balance and neutralizes harmful effects of environmental factors such as air pollution, UV radiation and bad weather conditions. Can be used as after shave refreshing and softening cream.

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Refreshing herbal gel 

Multifunctional herbal gel-serum for all skin types. Cools and moisturizes the skin. With extracts of 4 herbs with healing and soothing effect. Suitable as after-shave and after-depilation finishing gel.

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Hygiene Plus

Exstra mild cleansing foam  

Tender airy cleanser for sensitive intimate areas. Can also be used for extra mild cleansing of the face. Improves pH balance without destroying skin defense mechanism. Calms down irritation and neutralizes undesired odor, ensuring long-lasting feeling of freshness and comfort. Handy pressure-tight dispensing bottle protects the content against water and microbial ingress.

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FreshPlus Cream

Deodorizing cream-stick 

Natural antiperspirant cream with farnesol and rose tree oil. Reduces excessive sweating and neutralizes odor-producing bacteria without clogging pores and causing skin irritation. Neutral aroma - fit for both men and women. Leaves no white marks on skin and clothing. Mineral oil free.

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