RESTORE- Replenished & healthy-looking
The RESTORE skincare products suits all skin types, including sensitive skin RESTORE creams and masks effect soothing and rejuvenating of sensitive couperose skin as well as its intensive moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating. Mosks for weekly care provide additional effective impact to daily facial treatment.

Calmifin Cream-Mask

Calming cream mask
This calming mask is ideal for sensitive skin of all types. Promotes removing metabolic waste from tissues, removes puffiness, strengthens capillary walls, improves the skin tone, calms irritated and inflamed skin. Ideal for eyelids care.

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Phyto Essence

Facial creme, moisturizer 
Designed to saturate the skin with moisture. Excellent under make-up as well as under nourishing or protective cream. With lithospermum, malva & aloe

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ArgaLan Cream-Mask

Cream-mask with argan oil 

Nourishing cream-mask ideal to treat dry fading mature skin. Contains exotic argan oil which is exceptionally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for skin health. Exotic argan oil and NMF-complex work together to nourish, moisturize and firm the skin. The mask actively restores skin water-holding capacity, prevents tissue expansion of aging skin, facilitates crack healing thus improving skin elasticity and increasing its vitality.

Can be used both as daily cream or as mask.

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LiftoFin Cream-Mask

Cream-mask for all skin types 

Cream-mask designed to improve hydration, tonicity and metabolism of all skin types, including delicate eye contour area. Intensively moisturizes and smoothes out all skin types. Due to high concentration of NMF components combined with powerful lifting complex it actively restores tired skin increasing its firmness and leaving the skin smooth and supple.

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Replenishing Cream

Facial cream 
Soft and creamy cream for normal and dry skin. Suitable for daily use - especially in the Winter months. Nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Very good for sensitive skin - including skin with couperose.

With Omega 3 og 6, Sodium Hyaluronate, vitamins, Active antioxidants and minerals from The Dead Sea. Mineral oil free.

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Queen's Jelly

Protective gél with Gelé Royal 

Tender silky gel-serum with ultra-rich formulation, developed especially for fading and tired skin with disrupted moisture barrier. Instantly calms and softens irritated and scaly skin. Ideal for lip and eye contour areas. Anhydrous formula.

Protects the skin from cold and wind. A wonder smoothing base before applying make-up. Provides perfect and stable silky effect.

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Star Dust Lipo-Gel

Lip balm / balsam for very dry skin 

Very rich in natural oils and plant butter. The stick provides intensive care and protection for very dry skin, especially on the lips and eye environment. Preserves moisture in the skin for a long time and makes the skin soft, elastic and neat.

Reduces wrinkles. Light-reflecting minerals make dark circles around the eyes less visible. Does not contain water and is therefore good for protecting exposed skin in cold weather - for example on the ski holiday.

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Lifting Tone Base

Cream-foundation with sunscreen 

intensively hydrates the skin and improves its tone. Effectively smoothes fine facial lines, protects the skin against harmful UV-radiation. Regular use of the cream makes the skin smooth and young-looking.

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