Day Protect mineral powder - MagirayDay Protect SPF56

Mineral powder with sunfactor

Natural makeup with sunfactor SPF 56 blocking over 90% UVA radiation. Natural loose powder protects the skin from harmful external factors and suits all skin types including problem and delicate skin. Contains healing herbal extracts and physical sun protective filters. Thanks to its whisper-weight texture the powder lets your skin breathe without clogging pores and perfectly mattes it for giving radiant and silky appearance.

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The kabuki-brush is a high quality brush with natural hairs. I is extremely soft and easy to use. Dip the brush in the powder, carefully knock off excessive powder and apply on the skin with soft circular movements. Can be used for all skintypes and conditions.

15g glass with kabuki-brush.

Ingredients: Corn (zea mays) starch, titanium dioxide, mica, alumina, jojoba esters, silica, burdock (arctium lappa) root powder, tribulus terrestris (caltrop) fruit powder, magnolia biondii bark extract, iIron oxide CI 7749.

Day Protect is a classic Magiray product. Part of the Restore - series but is also sometimes regarded as part of the Profesional series from Magiray

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