Pearl - for fresh, smooth & pearly skin - from Magiray

The PEARL-series offers reiuvenation of faded aging skin with signs of hyperpigmentation It contains active peptides and amino-acids for providing instant smoothing and lifting effect, for renewing skin structure and tone, and reducing wrinkle depth and facial spots visibility..
Pearl Moisturizing TonerPearl Moisturizing Toner

Toner / Skintonic

Pearl White Peptide Serum - MagirayPearl White Peptide Serum

Serum with peptides

Pearl White Alpha Cream - MagirayPearl White Alpha Cream

Night cream with fruit acid (AHA)

Pearl White Mask - MagirayPearl White Mask

Facial mask

Pearl Daytime Protective Cream - MagirayPearl Daytime Protective Cream

Day cream with sun factor 25

Pearl Peel Off Mask - MagirayPearl Peel Off Mask

Active renewal mask

Active Alpha Serum - MagirayActive Alpha Serum

Serum with fruit acid

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