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Alpha SerumActive Alpha Serum

Serum with fruit acid

Active renewal serum (AHA-10%) for all skin types gently exfoliates dead skin cells and maintains skin acidic balance. Lightens pigment spots, improves and evens skin texture. Can be used separately or under next following creams to increase their efficacy. With alpha / polyhydroxy acids, amino acids, hyaluronic and azelaic acid.

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30 ml

Directions: Apply a few drops of serum onto the cleansed skin in the evening twice a week. For oily og combined skind it can be used alone. For normal and dry skin it is recomended to add a night cream over the serum. use .Alpha Serum can cause a tingling feeling. If it continues and causes worry the serum should be wasked of and. Afterwards apply a moisturizing cream

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