EDÉLE - Healthy & protected skin
The Edéle-series is ideal for normal and combination skin. Advanced complex of highly concentroted protective components and antioxidants. Contain Alpine Edelweiss extract notable for its high content of bio-protectors. Especially efficient for skin nourishment, moisturizing and boosting its natural support structure.

Edéle Bio-Bubble Micellar

Cleansing gel for normal and dry skin 
Gentle and luxurious gel for daily cleansing of the the skin.. With Aquaxyl, Phyto foam and rose water.

Feels delicious in use with mild fragrance. Also for removing makup.

Travel friendly size (100 ml) - can be part of of the flight hand luggage

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Edéle Bio-Cream

Day cream with sunscreen  

Protecting cream for normal and combination skin contains rich complex of highly concentrated extracts of edelweiss, apple fruit and orange fruit, that restores hydro-lipid barrier, nourishes and softens the skin at once stimulating its renewal and improving its elasticity. Protects against environmental hazards and UVA rays, blocks over 90% of harmful UVA radiation (SPF 17). With regular use prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles giving the skin velvety and well-groomed appearance.

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Edéle Bio Scrub


Delicate exfoliating scrub with a blend of three mild fruit acids and eight herbal extracts effectively removes dead cells and stimulates skin renewal process at once. Polishing and evening skin texture for making it smooth and elastic. Highly increases activity of the next-following masks.

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Eye Contour Bio-Cream

Eye cream 

Gentle cream with rich complex of active components is formulated especially to prevent premature aging of delicate skin around the eyes. The cream protects the skin from harmful environmental factors, keeps it soft, supple and elastic, eliminates puffiness and reduces depth of fine lines.

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Edéle Bio-Serum


Concentrated light-textured serum contains powerful antioxidants – extracts of Edelweiss and grape stem cells in combination with Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) components that results in normalization of epidermal water balance of all skin types. Smoothes fine lines and strengthens the skin protective barrier. Ideal for applying under sun protection creams.

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