Light and sun is important for the skin but especially fair skin types also need protection against too much sun. The sun dries out and sometimes even burns the skin. The skin is aging faster as a consequence of excessive sun worship.

Protect your skin before it is damaged!

Protection Plus

Sunscreen SPF30

Gentle emulsion with sun factor 30 for sun protection. Easy to apply to the skin, leaving no white residue. Protects against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. Does not irritate the skin, and prevents dehydration. Can be used for body and face.

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Lifting Tone Base

Cream-foundation with sunscreen 

intensively hydrates the skin and improves its tone. Effectively smoothes fine facial lines, protects the skin against harmful UV-radiation. Regular use of the cream makes the skin smooth and young-looking.

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Pearl Daytime Protective Cream

Dagcreme med solbeskyttelse 
Forebyggende dagcreme med mineralske solfiltre til normal og tør hud. Meget beskyttende på grund af det høje indhold af antioxidanter og solfaktor SPF20. Blokerer over 90% af UVA-strålingen. Fugter aktivt huden og forebygger ældnings-tegn. Lysner pigment-pletter og genopbygger hudens hydrolipide lag.

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Edéle Bio-Cream

Day cream with sunscreen  

Protecting cream for normal and combination skin contains rich complex of highly concentrated extracts of edelweiss, apple fruit and orange fruit, that restores hydro-lipid barrier, nourishes and softens the skin at once stimulating its renewal and improving its elasticity. Protects against environmental hazards and UVA rays, blocks over 90% of harmful UVA radiation (SPF 17). With regular use prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles giving the skin velvety and well-groomed appearance.

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Tender Plus

Moisture mask / After-sun / Barber gel 

Moisturizing, calming and cooling. Suitable for after sunbathing or for extra gentle shaving instead of shaving foam. Can also be used with other masks and creams. Contains 99% natural ingredients and plant extracts: Aloe vera, honeysuckle, geranium..

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Vita Protector

Protective cream with prebiotica 

Light cream with sunscreen (SPF 25) emulsion with Trepeptide, GHK-Cu, Magnolia and prebiotics. Moisturizes, softens, smothens and protects the skin from harmful external factors. Prevents premature fadinng. The feeling of velvety skin and grooming persists througout the day.

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