Cleansing & toning

Magiray cleansing and toning up
For private use

Vita Cleanser

Cleansing gel with prebiotics 

Luxurious cleanser with lactic acid, polysaccharides, prebiotics and delicious Phytofoam®. Prevents dehydration. Moisturizes and rebalances the skins pH during cleansing. Mild and suitable for all skintypes.

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Edéle Bio-Bubble Micellar

Cleansing gel for normal and dry skin 
Gentle and luxurious gel for daily cleansing of the the skin.. With Aquaxyl, Phyto foam and rose water.

Feels delicious in use with mild fragrance. Also for removing makup.

Travel friendly size (100 ml) - can be part of of the flight hand luggage

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Pearl Moisturizing Toner

Toner / Skintonic 
Alcohol free toner for all skin types. Perfectly tones up, refreshes, moisturizes and calms the skin. Contains healing herbal extracts for strengthening and improving the skin turgor.

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Clarity Plus

Face wash foam 
With seabuckthorn. Foams away impurities. Leaves your skin bright and perfectly clean. Preserves bactericidal properties of the skin. Contains soothing and moisturizing components. Soap-free formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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Fast Action Toner

Skintonic for oily skin 

Alcohol-free toner for cleansing, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. Specially designed for oily skin to restore pH balance and remove excess oil without over-drying the skin. Exfoliating fruit acids keep up the skin hygiene while complex of herbal extracts prevents and calms inflammation, reduces clogged pores, minimizes the signs of redness and strengthens blood vessels.

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Clarity Peel AHA Foam

Soft cleansing foam with AHA 

Extremely soft foam, handy in use. Quickly and effectively cleanses the skin without over drying it. The foam stimulates renewal processes and is suitable for all skin types.

Contains 10% AHA-acids and extracts of medicinal plants.

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Mineral Dry Toner

Mineral dry toner 

Bring the Dead Sea to yourself! Dead Sea salts and minerals "wrapped" in essential oils that dissolved in water form a tonic for the professional care of all skin types - or for body treatments of skin with special care needs. A solution of the product is electrolytic and can therefore also be used for galvanic treatment of the skin. The pH of the solution is 6.4 - 6.6.

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Pure Cleansing Gel (1/2) 500 ml

Step 1 in Magirays 2-step cleansing

The hydrophilic step of the 2-step cleansing. Actively hydrates the horny layer of the epidermis, promoting exfoliation of dead cells from the skin surface.

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Magic Jelly (2/2) 200 ml

Step 2 in Magirays 2 step cleansing  / make-up remover
This hydrofillic part of Magirays cleansing system easily dissolves make-up and other fat-soluble substances. The system offers an advantage of high cleansing ability while preserving the skin acidic balance and protective barrier.

Primarily for professional use

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Berries Shampoo-Gel

Shower gel   300ml 
Mild, universal and delicious shower gel. For washing the entire body - also as a hair shampoo and for the face. Contains 14 extracts of medicinal plants. Cleanses the skin gently, reduces irritation, does not dry out the skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages - also for children.

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Hygiene Plus

Exstra mild cleansing foam  

Tender airy cleanser for sensitive intimate areas. Can also be used for extra mild cleansing of the face. Improves pH balance without destroying skin defense mechanism. Calms down irritation and neutralizes undesired odor, ensuring long-lasting feeling of freshness and comfort. Handy pressure-tight dispensing bottle protects the content against water and microbial ingress.

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