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The skin around the eyes is more thin than the rest of the face skin. It does not have that many sebaceous glands and this skin is often less oily. In this area you often see the first lines and wrinkles, and this sensible skin might need special cream. In general the skincare of Magiray is very gentle and most creams can be used around the eyes, but there are also some product which are specially developed for the eye surroundings.

Eye & Lips Gel

Active lifting cream specially designed for delicate skin around eyes reduces puffiness, minimizes dark circles and improves skin elasticity. Rich formulation contains biologically active peptides and amino acids that work together with natural oils and minerals for skin firming, nourishing and moisturizing. It is easy to apply and spread over the skin. Regular use ensures smooth healthy skin around eyes and imparts bright and lifted look.

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Eye Contour Lifting Serum

Anti-age serum for eye surroundings 

Silky cream cream with long-lasting effect on the eye environment at age 25+. The serum is a result of biotechnology and the healing power of nature. Rich on active components, serum adds nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, it stimulates the skin's natural functions. The results can already be seen in a few days: wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is left silky and elastic.

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CLC Eye Contour Lifting Cream

Eye cream 

Particularly suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. Reduces bags under the eyes, minimizes dark circles and improves skin elasticity. Contains bioactive peptides and amino acids that work with natural acai oil and minerals. Firming, nourishing and moisturizing.

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Star Dust Lipo-Gel

Lip balm / balsam for very dry skin 

Very rich in natural oils and plant butter. The stick provides intensive care and protection for very dry skin, especially on the lips and eye environment. Preserves moisture in the skin for a long time and makes the skin soft, elastic and neat.

Reduces wrinkles. Light-reflecting minerals make dark circles around the eyes less visible. Does not contain water and is therefore good for protecting exposed skin in cold weather - for example on the ski holiday.

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Queen's Jelly

Protective gél with Gelé Royal 

Tender silky gel-serum with ultra-rich formulation, developed especially for fading and tired skin with disrupted moisture barrier. Instantly calms and softens irritated and scaly skin. Ideal for lip and eye contour areas. Anhydrous formula.

Protects the skin from cold and wind. A wonder smoothing base before applying make-up. Provides perfect and stable silky effect.

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Eye Contour Bio-Cream

Eye cream 

Gentle cream with rich complex of active components is formulated especially to prevent premature aging of delicate skin around the eyes. The cream protects the skin from harmful environmental factors, keeps it soft, supple and elastic, eliminates puffiness and reduces depth of fine lines.

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