Pearl White Mask

Facial mask 

Classic facial mask with pearl powder designed to beautify dry and flabby mature skin provides immediate visible effects. Removes symptoms of tiredness, strengthens skin turgor, nourishes and lightens the skin at once restoring its vital appearance.

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Pearl Peel Off Mask

Active renewal mask 

With silver, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. Exfoliating dead skin calles, tight to the skin and gently, but deeply cleans it. After removing the dried mask, the skin looks renovated, smooth and fresh. The skin color and texture is leveled, and the face contour becomes clearer.

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Cream-mask for sensitive skin with the signs of seborrhea 

Tender soft cream-gel mask for sensitive skin with the signs of seborrhea. Perfectly softens, reduces irritation and calms inflamed skin. Hydrates the skin and prevents evaporation of surface moisture after mechanical or chemical peelings. Provides removal of seborrheic scales and stops skin itching. Can be also used as anti dandruff scalp finishing cream.

Can be used both as cream and as mask.

With aloe vera mallow, honeysuckle, chamomile, algae extracts and seabuckthorn

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Puree Treat

Mask for oily skin 

Plant mask for oily problem skin. Possesses healing, bactericidal and renewing properties. The puree purifies the skin, reduces inflammation and oiliness, unclogs pores and prevents appearance of new comedones. Hydrates the skin and boosts immune system.

Rich in natural vitamins and Death Sea minerals

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Detox Plant Mask

With Aloe Vera and other plant extractsFace mask of bamboo

Impregnated with activated carbon and and soaked with stem cells of 12 plants, i.a. Aloe Vera, Sea buckthorn and ginger.

The mask cleanses and moisturizes the skin, which is refreshed and left calm and relaxed. The mask accelerates the skin's natural protective properties and leaves the skin moisturized.

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Calmifin Cream-Mask

Calming cream mask
This calming mask is ideal for sensitive skin of all types. Promotes removing metabolic waste from tissues, removes puffiness, strengthens capillary walls, improves the skin tone, calms irritated and inflamed skin. Ideal for eyelids care.

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ArgaLan Cream-Mask

Cream-mask with argan oil 

Nourishing cream-mask ideal to treat dry fading mature skin. Contains exotic argan oil which is exceptionally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for skin health. Exotic argan oil and NMF-complex work together to nourish, moisturize and firm the skin. The mask actively restores skin water-holding capacity, prevents tissue expansion of aging skin, facilitates crack healing thus improving skin elasticity and increasing its vitality.

Can be used both as daily cream or as mask.

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LiftoFin Cream-Mask

Cream-mask for all skin types 

Cream-mask designed to improve hydration, tonicity and metabolism of all skin types, including delicate eye contour area. Intensively moisturizes and smoothes out all skin types. Due to high concentration of NMF components combined with powerful lifting complex it actively restores tired skin increasing its firmness and leaving the skin smooth and supple.

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Sambucus Mask

Deep cleasing mask (Clay Mask) 

Cleansing facial mask - for oily problem skin with a tendency to pimples. Cleans deeply without drying out.

Relieves, balances and improves the microcirculation of the skin. Restores the mineral balance and skin's natural microflora.

The mask is easy to use and can easily be combined with other forms of cream, cleansing etc. For oily problem skin, one can achieve extra effect by letting it sit overnight.

Clay Mask is a natural skin care product based on healing and restorative plant extracts. Witchcraft, Aloe Vera, MyrrhaGreen Tea and Thyme.

Sambucus Mask has previously been sold under the name Clay Mask.

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Tender Plus

Moisture mask / After-sun / Barber gel 

Moisturizing, calming and cooling. Suitable for after sunbathing or for extra gentle shaving instead of shaving foam. Can also be used with other masks and creams. Contains 99% natural ingredients and plant extracts: Aloe vera, honeysuckle, geranium..

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Beauty Peel Puree 37

Fruit peeling 

Natural enzymatic peeling for all skin types, also sensitive skin. Contains fruit extracts, rich in natural enzymes, fruit acids, minerals and polysaccharides. Exfoliates effectively dead skin cells, stimulates the formation of new cells.

Moisturizes the skin, reduces irritation, improves complexion and elasticity, reduces wrinkles, stimulates the skin's natural functions.

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Beauty C Puree 29

Gel fruit-puré 

Skin lightening citrus puree with high concentration of natural vitamin C and bio-flavonoids extracted from red grapefruit, pomelo and orange. Instantly refreshes tired and dull skin, brightens complexion and boosts its antioxidant defense. Citrus fruits contain natural acids to exfoliate dead cells thus whitening the skin and speeding up its renewal.

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Beauty A Puree 40

Natural anti-age mask 

Anti-aging fruit puree contains extract of wild yam root, rich in natural phyto-estrogens. Pumpkin extracts as well as carrot and seabuckthorn oils are rich in natural carotenoids - age-defying substances that speed up skin renewal, improves its tonus and elasticity. Rosemary extract supplies skin with a wealth of natural antioxidants, while ginger oil stimulates its metabolism. Water from Ein Gedi spring and Dead Sea supplies the skin with important minerals and trace elements. The puree improves skin elasticity and tonus, reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, makes the skin smooth and fresh looking.

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Diamond Premium

Luxurious 3-step Facial Threatment
Advanced treat complex consists of three diamond-based beauty products:
1. Diamond Peeling
2. Diamond Mask
3. Diamond Cream
Just 30 minutes once or twice a week for getting glowing skin full of elasticity.

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Refreshing herbal gel 

Multifunctional herbal gel-serum for all skin types. Cools and moisturizes the skin. With extracts of 4 herbs with healing and soothing effect. Suitable as after-shave and after-depilation finishing gel.

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Tender Gel Mask 500 ml

Mild gel mask 

Multifunctional hypoallergenic product on the basis of natural plant extracts. Promptly and effectively moisturizes dehydrated skin of any type, eliminates irritation and redness and restores the damaged skin. Delicately exfoliates dead cells and can be used in case of couperose, seborrheic and extremely sensitive skin. Reduces aftersun irritation.

Professional size

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