Product series

Product series
Magiray has a number of different skincare brands each with different characteristics and for different needs. All products however are based on the same concept and can easely be used together.


 CLC - Complete LIft Complex - skincare for mature skin

Designed for mature skin

CLC contains a unique peptide complex which actively helps skin boost its natural strength by visible reducing the depth of mimic wrinkles and increasing skin smoothness and elasticity. CLC moisturiz' ing and nourishing products are oppropriate for all skin types with low level water-retaining barrier.

 Restore - balanced skincare

Replenished & healthy-looking

RESTORE suits all skin types, including sensitive skin RESTORE creams and masks effect soothing and rejuvenating of sensitive couperose skin as well as its intensive moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating. Mosks for weekly care provide additional effective impact to daily facial treatment.

 Pearl - Fresh, smooth skin

Fresh, smooth & pearly skin
lntended for reiuvenation of faded aging skin with signs of hyperpigmentation New formulation contains active peptides and amino-acids for providing instdnt smoothing and lifting effect, for renewing skin structure and tone, and reducing wrinkle depth and facial spots visibility.


Healthy & protected skin
The Edéle-series is ideal for normol and combination skin. Advanced complex of highly concentroted protective components and ontioxidants. Contain Alpine Edelweiss extract notable for its high content of bio-protectors. Especially efficient for skin nourishment, moisturizing.


 Magiray Classic

Years of experience
These products have been firm part of Magirays asssortment for decades - with thousands of satisfied users. They are sold under the label "MAGIRAY" parallel to the other series of Magiray.

 Luxurious Spa and hair products

For shower, spa and wellness
Fragront berries and fruits in comblnation with healing Dead Sea minerals provide an ideal home SPA care for body and hair. All SPA products are free from parabens, sulfotes, aggressive detergents and other harmful substances. High concentration of natural active ingredients ensures their efficiency.

 Magiray Professional skincare

Become your own cosmotologist
Magiray has a wide assortment of professional skincare products especially for cosmotologists and other professional users. Most of these products are only sold to professionals, but some of them are available for available for home users

 His His - skincare for the whole family

Essential skincare & hygiene

A unique innovatory line of products for the whole family. The basic ingredients are oil. extract of seabuckthorn and green tea. AII preparations of this line belong to the products of prime necessity; they are absolutely indispensable fo, the skin hygiene, simple and handy in use.

 HisHers Fast Action - for oily skin

For oily skin and problem skin
This special part of the HisHers-series is specially designed for oily and problem skin treatment - including pimples.
 The products are easy to use and fit into any daily routine. It takes just a few minutes per day and helps keeping the skin clean and become more healthy.