Toning up

Magirays toners for professional skincare do not contain alcohol and all have a low pH which is important for recovery of the skin balance

Refining Toner - 300ml

Alcohol free toner  

Gentle toner for all skin types, ideal finishing cleansing product, is specially designed to decrease skin acidity level and improve metabolism. Quickly refreshes and tones up the skin. Alcohol free formulation helps to remove the excessive skin oil without over drying it. Exfoliating fruit acids maintain skin hygiene while herbal extracts reduce redness, strengthen blood vessels and reduce enlarged pores. Balanced amino acid complex provides moisturizing and calming action. Suitable for problem skin with acne, seboré etc..

Mainly for professional use.

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Mineral Dry Toner

Mineral dry toner 

Bring the Dead Sea to yourself! Dead Sea salts and minerals "wrapped" in essential oils that dissolved in water form a tonic for the professional care of all skin types - or for body treatments of skin with special care needs. A solution of the product is electrolytic and can therefore also be used for galvanic treatment of the skin. The pH of the solution is 6.4 - 6.6.

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