Cleansing and toning up
Skin health and beauty entirely depend on the state of skin protective systems – water holding barrier, acidic mantle, normal microflora, presence of natural antioxidant and antimicrobial components on skin surface. During facial cleansing process it is necessary to take special care of the defense system integrity. The right choice of cleansing preparations determines the cosmetic care success and allows achieving maximum sustainable result.

Pure Cleansing Gel (1/2) 500 ml

Step 1 in Magirays 2-step cleansing

The hydrophilic step of the 2-step cleansing. Actively hydrates the horny layer of the epidermis, promoting exfoliation of dead cells from the skin surface.

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Magic Jelly (2/2) 200 ml

Step 2 in Magirays 2 step cleansing  / make-up remover
This hydrofillic part of Magirays cleansing system easily dissolves make-up and other fat-soluble substances. The system offers an advantage of high cleansing ability while preserving the skin acidic balance and protective barrier.

Primarily for professional use

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