Facial Foam Scrub Papaya

Scrub with papaya and green tea 

Carefully exfoliating scrub with natural enzymes of papaya juice. Suitable for all skin types. Cleans thoroughly and helps removing dead skin cells and impurities. Thus, promotes skin renewal and increases elasticity.

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Clarity Peel AHA Foam

Soft cleansing foam with AHA 

Extremely soft foam, handy in use. Quickly and effectively cleanses the skin without over drying it. The foam stimulates renewal processes and is suitable for all skin types.

Contains 10% AHA-acids and extracts of medicinal plants.

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Active Alpha Serum - 250 ml

Serum with fruit acid 

Transparent active serum with renovating complex (AHA-10% / pH 3,5) hyaluronic acid. Bio-active blend of plant extracts with fruit acids that exfoliate the dead skin cells, stimulate skin renewal, create and healthy appearance and brighten irregular pigmentation.

For professional use.

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MicroPeel Enzyme Complex

Enzyme Powder for micropeeling 

Active blend of enzymes to accelerate skin regeneration and enhance the skin's natural renewal processes. Diamond powder and enzymes break down protein and gently exfoliate. Herbal extracts enhance the skin's antioxidant properties.

For professional use

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RetiCare Natural Peeling 1 + 2

To-trins naturligt peeling-system
Med retinol, mekanisk peeling, enzymer og salicylsyre (1 %).
Skrubbecreme med retinol “Reticare”
Aktiverende gel “Reticare”/RetiCare Scrub + RetiCare Gel

Leveres kun til professionel brug.

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ThermoCare Warm-up Peeling

Two step warming peeling 

Stimulating and renewing peeling for oily porous, dehydrated, slack and lifeless skin. Scrub cream and activating gel.

For professional use.

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GlycoCare Renewing Complex

2 step peeling cream and mask 

Complex of 2 products – Glyco-cream (AHA-16%; BHA-1%; pH-3.5) and peel-off Glyco-mask (AHA-8%;). Optimal concentration of renewal complex ensures intensive penetration of active ingredients into the skin while their synergistic ability provides gentle, but effective stimulation of skin regeneration.

For professional use.

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GlycoCare - trin 2

Mask - GlycoCare step 2 

Mask for the peeling-set GlycoCare Renewing Complex (9% AHA). Normally sold in a set together with the cream (Step 1) but can also be ordered separately.

For professional use.

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With astralagus, goji, peoni, & jasmine extracts

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