Algative Nutrient Peel-Off Mask

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Nourishing Algomask 

With Argania extract, volcanic clay and geranium, clove, palmarose and black pepper essential oils. Improves the skin blood circulation, tone and elasticity, restoring the skin freshness and youthfulness.

For professional use




All but especially good for mature skin with little vitality

Intensively mix one part of powder and three parts of water and blend until homogenous mass is obtained (for nourishing mask it is recommended to use shaker).

Quickly and evenly apply the mask to a certain skin area using a spatula. Compress the mask along the contour.

Leave the mask for 15-20 min. and then take it off by one layer at once.

You can facilitate the process of taking off by using a gauze mask or bandage. Wipe the skin by a toner according to the skin type. For getting unsolidified solution mix the mask together with Algactive Gel. The mask is handy and economical in use, good for wrapping and applications on breast, décolleté and hip areas.

You can use a active serum or a nourishing mask under. The algative mask will make it work deeper in the skin..

Active ingredients:
Argania extract, volcanic clay and geranium, clove, palmarose and black pepper essential oils.

Algative Nutrient Peel-Off Mask is part of a Magirays series of active plastifying masks – indispensable means for increasing efficiency of cosmetic care. Their formulas are based on a powder complex of natural seaweeds, rich in minerals, microelements and various groups of vitamins, which provide prompt and impressive effect. The complex also contains various medicinal herbs. The masks smooth and hydrate the skin, stimulate intracellular metabolism, diminish puffiness, help to restore facial contour. Used singly or applied over other target preparations for increasing their activity.

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