Body care

Slide Cream - 30 min. massage

Massage cream 
Universal airy tender massage cream for facial treatments. Along with maximally long sliding it provides the skin with necessary nourishing, moisturizing and toning up elements. The cream contains fine oils and the main components of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), effectively contributing to improving the skin tone in the process of massage. The cream promotes cracks healing and eliminates skin scaling.

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Foot and Hand Treat Cream 500ml

Cream for tough skin  

Ultra softening cream for foot and hand care with 15% urea. Prevents cracking and itching. Contains a complex of 14 medicinal oils and oil extracts for providing intensive skin nourishment and hydration at once improving its elasticity. The formula is balanced especially for comfortable use and easy absorption without sticky feeling and fatty coating. Soothes the skin, effectively removes bad foot odor, excessive sweating and fungal infections.

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Herbs Touch Spa Oil - 500ml

Massage Oil 

Rich composition of natural vegetable and aromatic oils extracted from 12 differient healing plants and flowers. For providing deep skin nourishing and improving its elasticity. A beneficial remedy for inner tension and mental stress related disorders.

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Seaweed Powder

Sea weed powder 

Powder mixture containing several types of seaweeds is an active additive to various cosmetic substances (water, oil, creams, masks and so on). Their interaction provides activation of algal micro-and macro-elements resulting in more efficient use of other products and in widening of range and variety of cosmetic face and body procedures.

For professional use

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Beauty FIN Puree 25

Plant-based cream  

Soft puree with natural active ingredients for normal and semi-dry skin. The cream ensures a protective barrier of lipids and speeds up skin rehabilitation after peeling.

Consists extracts of quince, ginger, banana, celery and passion fruit, olive oil and seabuckthorn.

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