Accessories for skincare clinic / shop
Practical items useful for facial treatmentss etc.


Spatula / spoon 

Suitable for creams in jars and other skincare products that are it is difficult or unhygienic to use your hands

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Brush 15,5 cm

Brush for creams and masks 

Slightly stiff brush - specially for applying cream-masks for facial treatments. With natural hairs, golden mounting and white shaft.

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Silikone Mask

Reuseable masks 

3 pcs of silikone masks from Magiray. Preserves moisture in the skin both indepently or over cream, serum or mask to enhance effectiveness of the threatment. 

The masks are reuseable and can be cleaned with water and soap.

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CLC - apparat

Multifunktionelt kosmetisk apparat
Med 4 forskellige hudpleje-programmer, baseret på på 3 forskellige strømtyper: Galvanisk, Mikro-strøm og Impuls-strøm

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Magiray towel, small

MAGIRAY towel 

Lilac colour and embroidered Magiray logo. Cotton

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Heads for PhotoPen

Heads for Magiray PhotoPen Learn More

Photoroller Head

Heads fr Photo Micro needle treatments

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