Clinic products

Clinic products
Here you find skincare products especially for cosmetologists and other professional use. The products can be delievered inside the EU. Contact  for further information and to get a login for our online ordering system.



White Plus Powder

Lightening Anti-Pigment powder

Concentrated powder with arbutin for lightening hyperpigmented skin. Active additive to cream, serum, emulsion or mask to significantly increase its activity against pigmentation spots.

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Vita Plus Powder

Vitamin powder for skin repair

Active powder for your favourite skincare product by adding a cocktail of essential vitamins to your cream, serum or face mask. Supports your skin's natural barrier and helps restore weakened skin

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Beauty FIN Puree 25

Plant-based cream  

Soft puree with natural active ingredients for normal and semi-dry skin. The cream ensures a protective barrier of lipids and speeds up skin rehabilitation after peeling.

Consists extracts of quince, ginger, banana, celery and passion fruit, olive oil and seabuckthorn.

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Algactive Gel

Gel mask with Aloe Vera and algae extracts 

Aktive soft gel with a high content of bioactive plant extracts. Oil free. Moisturizing, calming and healing.

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Facial Foam Scrub Papaya

Scrub with papaya and green tea 

Carefully exfoliating scrub with natural enzymes of papaya juice. Suitable for all skin types. Cleans thoroughly and helps removing dead skin cells and impurities. Thus, promotes skin renewal and increases elasticity.

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Pure Cleansing Gel (1/2) 500 ml

Step 1 in Magirays 2-step cleansing

The hydrophilic step of the 2-step cleansing. Actively hydrates the horny layer of the epidermis, promoting exfoliation of dead cells from the skin surface.

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Magic Jelly (2/2) 200 ml

Step 2 in Magirays 2 step cleansing  / make-up remover
This hydrofillic part of Magirays cleansing system easily dissolves make-up and other fat-soluble substances. The system offers an advantage of high cleansing ability while preserving the skin acidic balance and protective barrier.

Primarily for professional use

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Refining Toner - 300ml

Alcohol free toner  

Gentle toner for all skin types, ideal finishing cleansing product, is specially designed to decrease skin acidity level and improve metabolism. Quickly refreshes and tones up the skin. Alcohol free formulation helps to remove the excessive skin oil without over drying it. Exfoliating fruit acids maintain skin hygiene while herbal extracts reduce redness, strengthen blood vessels and reduce enlarged pores. Balanced amino acid complex provides moisturizing and calming action. Suitable for problem skin with acne, seboré etc..

Mainly for professional use.

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Mineral Dry Toner

Mineral dry toner 

Bring the Dead Sea to yourself! Dead Sea salts and minerals "wrapped" in essential oils that dissolved in water form a tonic for the professional care of all skin types - or for body treatments of skin with special care needs. A solution of the product is electrolytic and can therefore also be used for galvanic treatment of the skin. The pH of the solution is 6.4 - 6.6.

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Clarity Peel AHA Foam

Soft cleansing foam with AHA 

Extremely soft foam, handy in use. Quickly and effectively cleanses the skin without over drying it. The foam stimulates renewal processes and is suitable for all skin types.

Contains 10% AHA-acids and extracts of medicinal plants.

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Active Alpha Serum - 250 ml

Serum with fruit acid 

Transparent active serum with renovating complex (AHA-10% / pH 3,5) hyaluronic acid. Bio-active blend of plant extracts with fruit acids that exfoliate the dead skin cells, stimulate skin renewal, create and healthy appearance and brighten irregular pigmentation.

For professional use.

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MicroPeel Enzyme Complex

Enzyme Powder for micropeeling 

Active blend of enzymes to accelerate skin regeneration and enhance the skin's natural renewal processes. Diamond powder and enzymes break down protein and gently exfoliate. Herbal extracts enhance the skin's antioxidant properties.

For professional use

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RetiCare Natural Peeling 1 + 2

To-trins naturligt peeling-system
Med retinol, mekanisk peeling, enzymer og salicylsyre (1 %).
Skrubbecreme med retinol “Reticare”
Aktiverende gel “Reticare”/RetiCare Scrub + RetiCare Gel

Leveres kun til professionel brug.

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ThermoCare Warm-up Peeling

Two step warming peeling 

Stimulating and renewing peeling for oily porous, dehydrated, slack and lifeless skin. Scrub cream and activating gel.

For professional use.

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GlycoCare Renewing Complex

2 step peeling cream and mask 

Complex of 2 products – Glyco-cream (AHA-16%; BHA-1%; pH-3.5) and peel-off Glyco-mask (AHA-8%;). Optimal concentration of renewal complex ensures intensive penetration of active ingredients into the skin while their synergistic ability provides gentle, but effective stimulation of skin regeneration.

For professional use.

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GlycoCare - trin 2

Mask - GlycoCare step 2 

Mask for the peeling-set GlycoCare Renewing Complex (9% AHA). Normally sold in a set together with the cream (Step 1) but can also be ordered separately.

For professional use.

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With astralagus, goji, peoni, & jasmine extracts

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Arbutin +plus

Lightning serum 

Concentrated serum complex for lightning pigment spots - based on both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and enriched with effective luminous ingredients based on arbutin, extracts of watercress sprouts and alpine herbs. Prevents hyper pigmentation caused by peelings and mechanical skin cleansing. Possesses anti-inflammatory effect and provides quick recovery of skin elasticity.

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Vitamin +plus

Serum for revitalization 

Concentrated serum for revitalizing the skin - based on hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights and enriched with various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant extracts and phytoestrogens.

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Unispheres Active gel

Mild serum-gel 

Unique serum-gel with intense smoothing, regenerating and slightly lightening effect. Vitamins A, E, ceramides and coenzyme Q10 are locked in unispheres thus preserving their full activity at the moment of their applying to the skin. A rich complex of active components contains all nourishing and hydrating substances, needed for improving elasticity and restoring skin protective barrier. Long-acting preparation.

Mainly for professonal use

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Hexa Drops

Serum for mature skin 

Tender high concentrated serum supplies the skin with all necessary elements, restores water balance, smoothes wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark circles in eye contour area, improves complexion. Contains a rich complex of unique plant extracts, NMF components, synergistic combination of bio-peptides, considerably increasing the skin elasticity.

The serum also contains an ingredient, relaxing “smile and frown” lines and diminishing their depth.

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Deco Drops

Serum for mature skin 

Nactive serum for thin, tired and fading skin. Possesses stimulating and moisturizing effect, contributes to skin renewal increasing its resilience and improving complexion. Marine-origin components supply the skin with essential micronutrients, including copper and magnesium. Caviar extract is rich in bio-active substances required for preventing skin fading.

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Myrrha Skin Balsam 100ml

Myrrh ointment 

Regenerating ointment / balsam with myrrh, which helps with dryness, cracking, itching and irritation.

Suitable for skin with special needs that need restoration. Revitalizes the skin and quickly rebuilds a replacement for its hydrolipid layer - thus restoring its hydrolipid balance. Suitable for protecting exposed skin - even when in bath, as it is water resistant.

Strong antioxidant. Contains ia green tea, sea buckthorn and wheat germ.

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CalmiFin Cream-Mask 200ml

Calming cream mask
This calming mask is ideal for sensitive skin of all types. Promotes removing metabolic waste from tissues, removes puffiness, strengthens capillary walls, improves the skin tone, calms irritated and inflamed skin. Ideal for eyelids care.

Normally only sold to professionals

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LiftoFin 200ml

Moisturizing cream-mask 

Intensively hydrating and smoothing cream-mask with lifting effet. High percentage of hyaluronic acid and components of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) provides active moisture saturation, restoration of hydrolipid barrier and skin cell structures. Contains an aminoacid – hydroxyproline - essential building material for synthesis of collagen – a structural skin component, responsible for its smoothness and elasticity. Vitamin 3 (niacinamide) is known to reduce yellowness of aging skin. .

Professional size

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ArgaLan Cream-Mask 200ml

Cream-mask with argan oil

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids for care of sensitive, dry and mature skin. Exotic argania oil and components of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) provide the skin with nourishing elements and restore its barrier functions. Besides, vitamin 3 (niacinamide) is known to reduce yellowness of aging skin and to speed up the skin renewal.

Professional size

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LightoFin cream-mask - 200ml

Tender lightning cream-mask 

Airy mask with extracts of 7 Alpine plants and alpha-arbutin for intensive skin lightening, cleansing and renewing (the components were tested in vivo and proved their lightening effect). Rich complex of active ingredients provides stable and even complexion and skin texture.

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Sambucus Mask - 200ml

Healing mask 

For oily problem skin, prone to acne. Soothes irritated skin, improves microcirculation, and reduces oiliness. Contains natural extracts of elder, myrrh, witch hazel, sage and thyme oils.

For professional use.

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PuriFin Gel-Mask 200ml

Gel-mask for oily and combined skin  

Oil free mask developed especially for oily problem skin. Regulates tallow production and reduces growth of inflamation

For professional use.

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T.C.C. - Triple Clarifying Complex

Renewal cream-mask / gommage 

Unique multifunctional renewal complex for intensive hydrating, replenishing and lightening of all skin types. Besides gentle undamaging lightening action this composition also produces bactericidal, regenerating, antioxidant and softening effects.

For professional use

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Algative Nutrient Peel-Off Mask

Nourishing Algomask 

With Argania extract, volcanic clay and geranium, clove, palmarose and black pepper essential oils. Improves the skin blood circulation, tone and elasticity, restoring the skin freshness and youthfulness.

For professional use

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Tender Gel Mask 500 ml

Mild gel mask 

Multifunctional hypoallergenic product on the basis of natural plant extracts. Promptly and effectively moisturizes dehydrated skin of any type, eliminates irritation and redness and restores the damaged skin. Delicately exfoliates dead cells and can be used in case of couperose, seborrheic and extremely sensitive skin. Reduces aftersun irritation.

Professional size

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Malvani Gel 500ml

Active anionic gel  

Jelly with negatively charged ions. Free of fats and oils. It is saturated with healing herbal extracts, stimulating metabolic processes, renewal and regeneration of damaged skin cells. Contains hydrophilic elements that bind and retain moisture in epidermis. Ideal for instrumental methods of cosmetic caree

For professional clinic use

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Beauty Peel Puree 37

Fruit peeling 

Natural enzymatic peeling for all skin types, also sensitive skin. Contains fruit extracts, rich in natural enzymes, fruit acids, minerals and polysaccharides. Exfoliates effectively dead skin cells, stimulates the formation of new cells.

Moisturizes the skin, reduces irritation, improves complexion and elasticity, reduces wrinkles, stimulates the skin's natural functions.

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Beauty A Puree 40

Natural anti-age mask 

Anti-aging fruit puree contains extract of wild yam root, rich in natural phyto-estrogens. Pumpkin extracts as well as carrot and seabuckthorn oils are rich in natural carotenoids - age-defying substances that speed up skin renewal, improves its tonus and elasticity. Rosemary extract supplies skin with a wealth of natural antioxidants, while ginger oil stimulates its metabolism. Water from Ein Gedi spring and Dead Sea supplies the skin with important minerals and trace elements. The puree improves skin elasticity and tonus, reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, makes the skin smooth and fresh looking.

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Beauty C Puree 29

Gel fruit-puré 

Skin lightening citrus puree with high concentration of natural vitamin C and bio-flavonoids extracted from red grapefruit, pomelo and orange. Instantly refreshes tired and dull skin, brightens complexion and boosts its antioxidant defense. Citrus fruits contain natural acids to exfoliate dead cells thus whitening the skin and speeding up its renewal.

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Extra Rich Finishing Cream

Cream for dry and mature skin 

Creamy rich cream with pronounced revitalizing effect for dry, slack and normal mature skin. Due to its unique rich composition the cream effectively combats visible signs of skin fading, quickly restores the skin moisture and elasticity, smoothes and lessens the skin roughness, removes the signs of tiredness, significantly improves the skin barrier functionsi

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Extra Light Finishing Cream

Oil free moisturizing cream 

Tender balancing moisturizer for all skin types especially for delicate problem skin, prone to redness and irritation. This light greaseless airy cream is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it smooth, matt and fresh.

Rich in vitamins, free of mineral oils. With gotu cola, aloe vera and geranium.

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Plantain Lifting Gel

Kølende og let-absorberende. Giver masser af fugt, har en beroligende, lindrende og helende virkning. Er desuden let opstrammende - og rig på på antioxidanter

Leveres normalt kun til professionel brug.

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Herbs Touch Spa Oil - 500ml

Massage Oil 

Rich composition of natural vegetable and aromatic oils extracted from 12 differient healing plants and flowers. For providing deep skin nourishing and improving its elasticity. A beneficial remedy for inner tension and mental stress related disorders.

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Slide Cream - 30 min. massage

Massage cream 
Universal airy tender massage cream for facial treatments. Along with maximally long sliding it provides the skin with necessary nourishing, moisturizing and toning up elements. The cream contains fine oils and the main components of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), effectively contributing to improving the skin tone in the process of massage. The cream promotes cracks healing and eliminates skin scaling.

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Slender Body Heating Cream

Heating / anti-cellulite cream

Active heating cream is used in body cosmetic care for improving the skin elasticity. The cream stimulates metabolism, nourishes the skin, increases elasticity of capillaries and strengthens blood vessels. Possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, reduces puffiness and smoothes the skin.

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Slender Body Fruit Souffle

Cooling gel for the body 

Tender cooling fruit soufflé provides delicate exfoliating and toning up effect, has wholesome effect on blood vessels, helps to smooth "orange peel". The soufflé is quickly absorbed leaving a pleasant aroma of peach, instantly makes the skin smooth and improves its elasticity. Ideal after epilation and depilation, prevents hair ingrowth.

Prevents cellulite and "tired legs" or as "aftersun".

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Seaweed Powder

Sea weed powder 

Powder mixture containing several types of seaweeds is an active additive to various cosmetic substances (water, oil, creams, masks and so on). Their interaction provides activation of algal micro-and macro-elements resulting in more efficient use of other products and in widening of range and variety of cosmetic face and body procedures.

For professional use

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Herbs Powder

Natural powder for oily and problem skin 

With antiseptic, healing and soothing effect. Keeps the skin skin matt, clean and fresh.

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Foot and Hand Treat Cream 500ml

Cream for tough skin  

Ultra softening cream for foot and hand care with 15% urea. Prevents cracking and itching. Contains a complex of 14 medicinal oils and oil extracts for providing intensive skin nourishment and hydration at once improving its elasticity. The formula is balanced especially for comfortable use and easy absorption without sticky feeling and fatty coating. Soothes the skin, effectively removes bad foot odor, excessive sweating and fungal infections.

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Spatula / spoon 

Suitable for creams in jars and other skincare products that are it is difficult or unhygienic to use your hands

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Magiray towel, small

MAGIRAY towel 

Lilac colour and embroidered Magiray logo. Cotton

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Brush 15,5 cm

Brush for creams and masks 

Slightly stiff brush - specially for applying cream-masks for facial treatments. With natural hairs, golden mounting and white shaft.

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Silikone Mask

Reuseable masks 

3 pcs of silikone masks from Magiray. Preserves moisture in the skin both indepently or over cream, serum or mask to enhance effectiveness of the threatment. 

The masks are reuseable and can be cleaned with water and soap.

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